7 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips that Could Come in Handy on Your Next Vacation

Nature Moms - People are taking more and more steps than ever before to ensure they are living an eco-friendly life, but what about when they go on vacation? Unfortunately, this kind of mindset can slip when you escape on a welcome getaway, but there are some key eco-friendly tips you can turn to on your next vacation. Have a staycation There are many ways traveling makes your carbon footprint grow, but the most significant is traveling by plane to reach a destination. Those traveling … [Read more...]

10 Crazy Experiences You Can Have While Travelling That Will Bring You Closer To Nature

Nature Moms - Everyone experiences nature differently. Some like to take it slow sipping hot tea while being surrounded by trees, listening to the sound of birds. Others prefer to take the crazy route pushing themselves to the limit and not thinking about anything else but the present moment. Partaking in these kinds of adventures allows one to have a higher sensory experience of nature. So if you’re the extreme type and you’d like to get closer to nature on your next trip, here are 10 … [Read more...]

15 things we’ve learned about traveling the world, as told by Queer Eye

STA Travel Blog - STA Travel HQ have a total obsession with the fab 5. Watching it gives us happy tears, warm fuzzies, and has taught us 101 new ways to use an avocado. So, we thought what better way to celebrate Pride, than a travel-related Queer Eye blog. The post 15 things we’ve learned about traveling the world, as told by Queer Eye appeared first on STA Travel Blog. (c) STA Travel Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Your Essential Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel

Nature Moms - As you will know, everyone has a responsibility to lower their carbon footprint to help preserve the increasingly fragile environment. As a result, you might be worried about how traveling the world can impact the planet. Thankfully, a few little changes and tweaks to your habits can help you to protect the environment, which doesn’t need to affect your enjoyment on holiday. Read the below advice on how to embrace eco-friendly travel. Unplug Your Devices at Home It’s … [Read more...]

Goodbye Winter Olympics, Little Passports Will Carry the Torch

Green Living, Cloth Diapers and Going Green with Kids - The Eco Chic - As we bid farewell to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, it’s a good time to continue the history lesson with our kids.  My oldest (almost 11 yrs old) is pretty aware of the World and our own country but my 5 year old is just starting to figure out the US.  We do quite a bit of traveling as a family but I’m not sure she really understands how big the US is (not to mention the World) yet. Little Passports (affiliate … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Dolphin Love

Green Living, Cloth Diapers and Going Green with Kids - The Eco Chic - continue reading Related posts: Join the School of Cloth Blog Hop with RDA #schoolofcloth What is the School of Cloth?  It’s a month... Love Your Mother Earth Promotion and Giveaway In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd) I’d like to... Cloth Diapering in Special Circumstances #schoolofcloth Welcome back to the School of Cloth.  This is a month... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts … [Read more...]