Important Truths I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Marriage

Nature Moms - This month closes 20 years of marriage for me and begins my my 21st year. I am feeling very nostalgic and even a bit sad as my Facebook memories from this week last year have begun. We spent a week in Vegas celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and it was the single best vacation of our lives. I want nothing more than to be doing it all over again. It was fun to be in a city we love yes, but also to spend a week celebrating and concentrating 100% on each other. It was … [Read more...]

How to safely leave your pet at home?

Nature Moms - Not many owners have the luxury of being with their pets all the time and in many cases, this is not necessary at all. Dogs can be alone for a while (if the animal is well trained) if you go to work or go shopping. Cats, on the contrary, can stay alone for much more time, for example, when you go on vacation. But it’s important that you leave the house safe and well-prepared for them. With these 8 tips, you can leave your pet as safe as possible! 1. Don’t leave any small … [Read more...]

Life hacks – Minimalist Wardrobe Guide

Nature Moms - Have you collected too many things and clothes around you? Do you feel that you actually want to minimalize your wardrobe? Nowadays, everyone strives for more and more. But more is not always better. Now you have handy things for everything. This way, you can have an entire house full of unnecessary stuff. By minimizing, you can experience much more happiness and freedom in your life. In this article, we will show you some minimalist life hacks. Capsule wardrobe Nowadays, … [Read more...]