12 Ways to Successfully Sow Seeds Indoors

Green Talk® - .  Are you frustrated sowing seeds indoors? Maybe your seeds didn’t germinate. Or perhaps your new seedlings died before or after you planted in the garden? Here 12 way to successfully sow seeds indoors. Let’s turn that upside down frown into a smile. Why Sow Seeds Indoors? Before we start, you may ask, why sow seeds indoors? I live in zone 6 (New Jersey) and don’t have a long spring or summer.  So in order to harvest my plants timely, I need get a jump start by sowing … [Read more...]

Grow Seeds Indoors : April Update. You Can Do This.

Green Talk® - Ever wonder what it is like to grow over 200 seedlings a year?  I am small potatoes compared to other herb/vegetable farmers.  So, I thought I would give you an inside glimpse of my seedlings growing inside. You can grow seeds indoors too! Watch the video below: Indoor Seed Update! 200+ Seedlings! Update on the seeds.. See how they are doing inside. It's not too late to sign up for the How to Grow Your Seeds Indoors. 200+ plants and growing more. Saving tons of $$$ and … [Read more...]

Winter Seed Sowing Vegetables Pro and Cons

Green Talk® - What happens if you want to grow your seeds indoors but just don’t have the space?   Consider winter seed sowing.  I am a huge advocate of growing seeds indoors but realized that not everyone has the room or the budget to buy grow lights.  So, this year I took a crack at winter seed sowing, which is basically growing seeds in opaque jugs outside in the cold. It was an extreme leap of faith in Mother Nature that these seeds would germinate in the bitter cold.  I pretty much … [Read more...]

Proper Lighting to Grow Seeds Indoors.

Green Talk® - If Tina Turner was a gardener, she would sing, “what’s light got to do with it?” Everything, my sunflowers. If you want to grow successful indoor vegetable and flower seedling, proper lighting is the key. Since this is the time to sow seeds indoors, let’s shed some illumination on proper lighting to grow seeds indoors. Lighting to grow seeds indoors. Before I begin, let’s dispel the window scenario right now. Use the window and your seedling will … [Read more...]