Review – Practical Projects for Self-Sufficiency by Chris Peterson and Philip Schmidt

Reduce Footprints - Have you ever noticed how completing a do-it-yourself (DIY) project is so much more rewarding than buying something already made? There is, of course, a real sense of pride; moreover, it gives us the opportunity to choose earth-friendly materials and build an item which will last. It also feels liberating to know that we can sustain our lives without depending on the "big box stores".Since buying our property last year, we've taken on many DIY projects. With some of them, … [Read more...]

Review – "We Are The Destroyers" by D.K.Lindler

Reduce Footprints - A good story can entertain while delivering an important lesson. Unlike instructional books, fiction often reaches us on an emotional level and, when that happens, we tend to remember both the book and the message.I was invited to read We Are The Destroyers by D.K.Lindler.The ScenarioThis is the story of a dying planet. Over consumption and environmental abuse have caused food shortages; so, to feed a rapidly growing population, synthetic foods are created. While these … [Read more...]

Review – Stress-Free Sustainability by Adam Hammes

Reduce Footprints - Those of us who live green tend to be passionate about the environment. We share what we know, we blog, we want to convert the world because, to us, it just makes sense to live the way we do.The trouble is, not everyone agrees.In fact, there are a fair number of people who don't believe there's any cause for concern. There are others who choose to ignore the warnings because it affects their bottom line. Governments won't take necessary steps to improve conditions and even … [Read more...]

Local, Organic Produce at Your Door!

The Eco-Friendly Family - Pin ItThere comes a point in life for most of us where we’re grown up enough to realize that we like vegetables and for the most part will eat and can enjoy any of them. The problem, we rarely go out of our comfort zones. We get in a sort of veggie eating rut. We head down the produce isle at the store with a list in hand and generally buy the same things week after week. The reason? We know exactly what we’re going to cook with them, which recipes … [Read more...]