Benefits of Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

Nature Moms - Whether you go ever once in a while when you have a free weekend day, or if you choose to go a few times a week, you know that shopping at the farmer’s market is unlike any other shopping experience that you can have. They are fun, filled with fruits and vegetables that your local supermarket may not have, filled with people enjoying a day out as well, and so colorful that you just enjoy taking it all in. Farmer’s markets can offer you organic foods that are better for … [Read more...]

5 Lifestyle Changes to Help You Become More Environmentally Conscious

Nature Moms - The environment needs our help—with rising global temperatures, massive deforestation, and pollution threatening our civilization, everyone needs to do their fair share to help curb climate change and the degradation of our planet. A lot of people think that living an eco-friendly lifestyle is incredibly difficult and requires big lifestyle changes that are just too much to ask for anyone who’s already stressed with maintaining a solid work-life balance. But actually, you … [Read more...]

Green Solutions for Otherwise Harmful Items

Nature Moms - We often are unaware of the impact everyday items can have on the environment. The worst is that this impact could be easily mitigated by making better buying decisions. Most companies today are aware of the harmful effects their product can have on the environment and are more inclined to making eco-friendly changes. But consumers should also play their part and look at how they can reduce waste in their own lives. Here are some alternatives to harmful items we use every … [Read more...]