Helping Your Anxious Child Establish Good Sleep Habits

Nature Moms - One in four American adults experience insomnia at any given time, but it’s safe to say that all of us have experienced a sleepless night at least once or twice in our lives, even if sleep usually comes easy. Do you remember the last time you had trouble drifting off? How you tossed and turned, fretted, and eventually got up for some warm milk and a dull book? At some point, you probably checked the clock, calculated how much sleep you’d get if you could conk out right now, and … [Read more...]

4 Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Green Living

Nature Moms - This is a guest post by Green Coast, a renewable energy and green living blog Passing down the green living habits to your child is one of the best ways to save the resources of the earth. Raising an eco-conscious kid will translate into an eco-conscious adult. The world needs more and more eco-conscious adults in a safe and better future. For one to become an eco-conscious adult, you must create a lifestyle of loving and caring for the environment from childhood. … [Read more...]

🌿 Get this children’s herbal book [freebie] 🌱

Nature Moms - Have you heard about Herb Fairies by my friends at LearningHerbs?Herb Fairies is a 13-book adventure series that teaches kids about healing herbs. It’s written by Wildcraft! board game creator Kimberly Gallagher. My kids have been playing this game for many years and we are big fans of learning herbs and all their products. It makes teaching kids about herbalism and wildcrafting so much easier because it makes it fun and relatable to them. Right now they are *giving away* … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They’re Swimming in the Summer

Nature Moms - Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to soak in that sunshine and enjoy every bit of that hot weather we missed during that cold winter. However, summer also comes with its own fair share of risks. This time of year, we all want to spend our days lounging in the pool, and for kids, that means spending as much time as possible splashing around in the water. While there are so many great benefits of swimming for children, it’s also important to take strides to make … [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Dog Breed for Your Child

Nature Moms - If you are thinking of getting a pet for your kid, then dogs are the most affectionate pets that can have a positive impact on your child. Apart from being an excellent companion, a dog can be a teacher, entertainer and protector of your child. Moreover, canines can be perfect playmates that any parent could wish for. However, dog breeds are not equal; some are good with kids and some a more suited to other roles. Therefore, it is important to research the best dog breeds for … [Read more...]