4 Renovation Projects for a Greener Home

Nature Moms - The home is the core of family. It’s where we spend the most time with each other, where memories are made and where meals are shared—it only makes sense that your home reflects your personal values and those you want to pass down to your children. Nature moms know the importance of leading a green, sustainable lifestyle; it’s not only critical for the environment, but going eco-friendly has a number of personal benefits, too! Greener living saves money and promotes better health, … [Read more...]

7 Natural Features That Help Make a Healthy Household

Nature Moms - Keeping your family healthy is always top priority, but how do you make a healthy household? From small adjustments to big overhauls, there are many ways to make your house a healthier place to live, love, and flourish. Here are a few ways to make some changes to your home that will protect your family’s wellness:  In the bedroom Each of your family members most likely spends the majority time in their respective bedrooms, especially if you have teenagers. So, when … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom

Nature Moms - Is the clutter in your room stressing you out? It’s normal for a messy room to make you nervous and anxious regardless of whether it’s your bedroom or living room. We’re now busier than ever, so clutter happens rather quickly. It’s not unusual for people to stress over it because it can significantly affect your mood. For this reason, you should dedicate some time to declutter your space. Not only this will make your room look better, but it will also help you feel … [Read more...]

Find the Best Electricity Provider for You and the Environment

Nature Moms - There’s a misconception that renewable energy and eco-friendly living has to cost a fortune. It’s true that solar and wind power has been much more expensive than traditional hydrocarbon fuel sources for years. But rapid advances in solar panel technology and improvements in wind turbine design are bringing down the cost of “green” power per kilowatt hour. Combine this with advances in geothermal, wave and biofuel power generation, and there are loads more options for renewable … [Read more...]