New Retail Platforms Aim to Take Waste Out of Online Clothes Shopping

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - According to recent figures, we will consume 102 million tons of apparel per year — an increase of 63 percent from 2017. And the EPA estimates that nearly seven times more apparel and footwear waste was put into landfills and incinerators than recycled in 2013. That was five years ago; the number has likely grown since then — and it means brands, retailers and consumers are not utilizing their various options to curb apparel waste. But two new e-tailers are … [Read more...]

The Biosphere’s Guide to Foolproofing Sustainability, Part 5: Sustainable Product Platforms

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - This is the fifth in a seven-part series on what author Gregory Unruh calls the ‘Biosphere Rules.’ Read parts one, two,  three and four. Biosphere Rule #4: - Leverage your power autonomous value cycle as a product platform for scale, scope, and knowledge economies. Biosphere Rule #4 is about taking your value cycle, built on a parsimonious materials palette and a power-autonomous energy system; and using it — not to produce a single product, but as a … [Read more...]

xSDG Laboratory and Consortium: Sharing Visions and Accelerating Action on SDGs

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - If you are finding it hard to ascertain how best to tackle the myriad targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), you are not alone. The underlying aim of the SDGs is to ensure no one is left behind; and all individual nations and stakeholders are expected to take action on a variety of levels to help promote that aim. SDGs awareness and understanding among private corporations is gradually improving in Japan, but many are still … [Read more...]

Next-Gen Impact Measurement Tools a Needed Boost for Companies to Achieve BHAGs

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - How are companies chipping away at the next generation of big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs)? Read on ... A comprehensive look at IKEA’s new holistic impact measurement system By Richa Agarwal IKEA's Peter Jones | Image credit: SB/Twitter With the approach of the “4P” program — which focuses on people, planet, profit, and perception — IKEA is moving towards meeting its sustainable goals for 2030. During his Tuesday morning keynote, Peter Jones, Head … [Read more...]

Leading-Edge Stakeholder-Engagement Metrics Reshaping Companies’ Definitions, Benchmarks for Success

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Measuring the social impact of corporate-nonprofit collaboration By Richa Agarwal VeraWorks' Bea Boccalandro Dialogue on how to measure the social impact through a collaborative relationship between corporations and nonprofits is one of the setting stones for value creation and risk management for socially conscious businesses. VeraWorks founder Bea Boccalandro relayed a conversation with Gwen Migita, global head of social impact at Caesars Entertainment (who … [Read more...]

SB Oceans: Can Better Business Save Our Seas?

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - What's the media’s role in a sustainable ocean? According to an analysis performed after the finale of BBC's "Blue Planet II,", there was a surge of interest in plastic recycling, with online searches for the term increasing by 55 percent; as well as a doubling of the number of searches for the dangers of marine plastic pollution. | Image credit: BBC Earth/YouTube When telling stories about the current state of the world’s oceans, a panel of media … [Read more...]

SB Oceans Showcases Solutions Aimed at Restoring Our Aquatic Abundance

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Over the course of three action-packed days, the inaugural Sustainable Brands Oceans (14-16 Nov) in Porto, Portugal convened a stellar lineup of practitioners, researchers, NGOs, storytellers and innovators laser-focused on saving the ocean’s priceless biodiversity and resources while there’s still time. Here’s what we learned from a few of the innovators … Alexandra Cousteau: How to restore abundance to the oceans in one human generation Kicking off with star … [Read more...]

How a Fancy Pancake Helped Save The Bay: Lessons for Giving Tuesday

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Chances are you’ve heard of Giving Tuesday, but what do you know about it? How does it work — and how can your business participate in a meaningful way that benefits your consumer, the cause and your brand? Give us two minutes. Falling on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year (this year on December 3rd), #GivingTuesday is quite the opposite of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This honorable national holiday, symbolic of the kick-off to end-of-year giving … [Read more...]

Trending: CDP, LA, NYC Call for Radical Shift in Companies’ Treatment of Forests

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Greenpeace climbers abseil from the roof of Burger King's iconic restaurant in London’s Leicester Square in September 2019. They unfurl a giant banner linking the fast-food giant to Amazon rainforest fires and deforestation. | Image credit: ©Paul Hackett/Greenpeace The world’s global consumer goods companies are decidedly not on track to achieve goals of sustainable consumption and production by 2030; and industry commitments to zero net deforestation by next … [Read more...]

New Report Provides Blueprint for Circularity of PET Bottles in Southeast Asia

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - As leaders from around the world gathered in Bangkok this week for the inaugural SEA of Solutions: Partnership Week for Marine Plastic Pollution Prevention; and in Porto, Portugal for the inaugural SB Oceans, research and strategy firm GA Circular (formerly known as Gone Adventurin’) launched a first-of-its kind report, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. The report provides systematic and comparable baseline collection rates for PET bottles (one of … [Read more...]

The Biosphere’s Guide to Fool-Proofing Sustainability, Part 5: Sustainable Product Platforms

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - This is the fifth in a seven-part series on what author Gregory Unruh calls the ‘Biosphere Rules.’ Read parts one, two,  three and four. Biosphere Rule #4: - Leverage your power autonomous value cycle as a product platform for scale, scope, and knowledge economies. Biosphere Rule #4 is about taking your value cycle, built on a parsimonious materials palette and a power-autonomous energy system; and using it — not to produce a single product, but as a … [Read more...]

Hidden: The Waste That Goes Into Making Stuff and How 2 Companies Are Tackling It

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Waste. It’s something that has become top of mind for many of us at both a personal and professional level. We are newly cognizant of the trash produced in our office buildings and lunchrooms. At home, we wonder if the paper and plastic we put in the blue bin is really being recycled. Some of us have even committed to zero-waste lifestyles. But it’s important to remember that the waste we produce in our daily lives, what we see and feel in control of, is just … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, GRI — Time Now to Put the Horse Before the Cart

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the first release of the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Guidelines for sustainability reporting, now referred to as the GRI Standards — an important milestone for what has become the world’s leading international standard for non-financial reporting. It wasn’t until 2002, however, that reporting principles per se were included by GRI in the second generation of its Guidelines (G2) that year. In total, there were … [Read more...]

Combating Child Labor on India’s Tobacco Farms

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In tobacco growing, child labor and other labor abuses are recurring problems characteristic to many agricultural communities. Underlying issues may be found in perpetuating cultural traditions, however a key root cause lies in the precarious economic situation of many smallholder farmers around the world. Philip Morris International (PMI) is committed to eliminating child labor from its tobacco supply chain; and importantly, to acting upon the root causes of … [Read more...]

Meet the Startup Aiming to Turn Skyscrapers Into Clean Energy Batteries

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - The falling cost of ever-maturing clean energy systems is well documented. Data shows that the costs for renewable energy technologies fell to a record low in 2018; and by next year, both solar PV and onshore wind farms will be cheaper to develop than the lowest cost fossil fuel-based alternative. And these cost reductions are likely to continue into the next decade. Of course, energy storage technologies will need to keep pace with the explosion of generating … [Read more...]

Quantifying Sustainability Impacts and Setting Meaningful Goals

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In the midst of an increasing trend toward setting and meeting aggressive sustainability targets, organizations are scrambling to navigate the complex challenge of quantifying their impacts, and meeting customer and investor demands. No longer is sustainability synonymous with reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Dozens of social, environmental and economic indicators are now considered staples under the massive sustainability umbrella, ranging from issues … [Read more...]

Providing ‘Overdraft’ Protection for Groundwater in California's Pajaro Valley

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - At Driscoll’s, we’ve long advocated for responsible and collaborative solutions to groundwater management, and seek to grow in harmony with our communities. Water is a shared resource, and we all must work together at the local level to ensure it’s being managed well to keep our communities, businesses and ecosystems healthy for generations. That’s why, over the past few years, we’ve been working with UC Santa Cruz, the Resource Conservation District of Santa … [Read more...]

The Biosphere’s Guide to Fool-Proofing Sustainability, Part 4: Power Autonomy

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - This is the fourth in a seven-part series on what author Gregory Unruh calls the ‘Biosphere Rules.’ Read parts one, two and three. Power Autonomy Biosphere Rule #3: Maximize the power autonomy of products and processes, so they can function on renewable energy. Biosphere Rule #3 — Power Autonomy — is about optimizing the energy independence of products and systems so that they can run on available free flows of renewable energy. Power autonomy is gained by … [Read more...]

Scandinavia, Australia Dominate 2019 Global Destination Sustainability Index

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - The Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index) is the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for business tourism and events destinations around the world. It serves as a collaborative and competitive platform for Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) that promotes the sustainable growth of destinations, regions and countries through knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, strategy development and certification. Increasingly, … [Read more...]

Trending: Partnerships Laying More Groundwork for Circular Plastics Economy

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Leading US Beverage Companies Unite for ‘Every Bottle Back’ Initiative   Image credit: Brian Yurasits/Unsplash This week, the US’ leading beverage companies — The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper and PepsiCo — launched the Every Bottle Back initiative, a breakthrough effort to reduce the industry’s use of new plastic by making significant investments to improve the collection of the industry’s valuable plastic bottles so they can be made into new … [Read more...]

New Report Calls on Food Giants to Use Vanishing Water Resources More Efficiently

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Major food companies need to adopt far stronger practices to reduce their demands and impacts on limited water resources, according to a report released Wednesday by sustainability nonprofit Ceres. The intensifying effects of climate change are placing an unprecedented strain on water resources and agricultural productivity, hampering the growth prospects of the $5 trillion global food sector. The latest edition of Feeding Ourselves Thirsty, a benchmarking … [Read more...]

Can Being Climate Neutral Become the New Normal?

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Hana Kajimura, Sustainability Manager at Allbirds Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design and Founding Director of Climate Neutral Sarah Leugers, Director of Communications for Gold Standard Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design, recently launched Climate Neutral — an NGO that helps companies to measure, reduce and take accountability for their carbon footprint and tell that story to their stakeholders. Allbirds, makers of “the world’s most comfortable shoes,” is … [Read more...]

Chilean Startup Eliminating Packaging Waste, ‘Poverty Tax’ in Latin American Product Market

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In recent weeks, the streets of Santiago have been awash with protestors expressing their anger over the cost of living in the city. The high levels of inequality in the Chilean capital and more broadly across the country have resulted in mass upheaval and unrest, leaving the ruling elites struggling to restore public order. Against this backdrop, it’s perhaps not surprising to understand how successful one circular startup, Algramo, has become since its launch … [Read more...]