Top 4 Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Options


Guest post by Gabe Nelson The cannabis industry revolves around the production and trade of plant-based products. Hence, it is essential to understand and practice the importance of sustainability in the cannabis industry. Moreover, cannabis consumers generally understand the consequences of the degradation of non-renewable resources; and strive to adopt eco-friendly practices. Here, we have enlisted the top 4 eco-friendly cannabis packaging options.

7 Ways to De-stress When You Can't Go Outside


Guest post by Jessica Smith The challenges and problems of modern life can trigger several physical and mental health problems. The demands, pressures, and hassles that weigh upon your personal and professional life can stress you out. When you feel stressed, the body releases hormones. These hormones can increase the fight-or-flight response. Hence, you may become more focused and energetic. A small amount of stress in daily life can benefit your body. It may motivate you to achieve your goal. In moderation, it can urge you to plan and prepare. But, in excess, stress can trigger adverse reactions. How can you deal with stress at home? Here are some simple techniques you can try without going out.

Kratom: Natural Pain Relief in the Midst of America's Opioid Crisis


Guest post by Chelsea Brotherton In 2017, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declared a nationwide public health emergency regarding the opioid crisis in America. Since then, the statistics on opioid-related deaths have not improved; between 2019 and 2020, drug overdose deaths rose nearly 30%, with nearly 75% of those 91,799 deaths involving an opioid. Clearly, Americans are in pain — and we’re medicating ourselves to death. Thankfully, there’s a natural solution on the rise that has been used in traditional medicine practices for centuries. Enter: kratom.

25 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Plant Now for a Fall Harvest


Fall is the perfect time to start planning for next year’s food garden. This is a great time of year to get started on planning and planting, as you can still enjoy the weather without having to worry about frost or snow. It also gives you plenty of time to think through what you want to grow in your garden before it gets too cold. But did you know that fall is also a great time to plant vegetables and herbs that you can harvest this season, too?

What Is the Future of Green Energy?


Guest post by Frederick Grimes The future of green energy is looking brighter than ever before. Solar, wind, and hydropower are all becoming more affordable and reliable each year. These types of renewable resources are crucial to the future of our planet, as they don't produce any harmful emissions. However, there are some challenges that need to be overcome in order to make this kind of energy truly sustainable. One of the biggest obstacles is that renewables are not always available when electricity is needed most.

Five Things You Should Know about Using Biodegradable Products


Biodegradable materials have been used for decades but they've recently seen an increase in popularity due to environmental concerns. Nowadays people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products. Using biodegradable products can be one way to go green. These products not only help the environment, but they're also better than their alternatives. However, they are not a complete solution to the problem of waste, and biodegradable products are not completely problem-free. Here are five things you need to be aware of when using biodegradable materials.

How to Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle with Cannabis


Guest post by Jacob Taylor Switching to a healthy lifestyle is easier than you may imagine. You can start by committing to positive habits like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, and ditching unhealthy patterns. But these basic changes may not be enough to become the healthiest version of yourself. Cannabis can address the gaps in your efforts by helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle in an easy way. Here are some of the ways it can give you a self-care advantage.

10 Herbal Remedies for Natural Pain Relief


Guest post by Olivia James According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 50 million Americans have some sort of chronic pain. This article discusses some effective herbal remedies that can ease discomfort, provide pain management, and decrease inflammation in the body.

Why You Should Try Cannabis as a Sleep Aid This Fall


Guest post by Samantha Williams Fall is perhaps the most unpredictable season, as you are between a lazy summer and a hectic winter. You feel like sticking to the relaxed vibes of the warmer days, but the festive rush arrives sooner than you imagine. Endless task lists keep you on your toes as you expect to close them before the winter arrives. You may feel stressed and tired as you rush to complete tasks at home and work.

What you should know about healthy food labels


Healthy eating is something we all strive to achieve, and a healthy diet can not only improve your quality of life, it can prevent you from developing serious illnesses in middle age and later. We eat well when we choose foods that are nutritious and low in calories. When it comes to choosing food products, however, it’s difficult to tell which ones contain healthier ingredients.

How to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable


Guest post by Delicia Warren There are so many important considerations when it comes to running a safe, attractive, and successful restaurant business that it might seem overwhelming to attempt to add another goal. Fortunately, trying to become more sustainable in your business doesn’t have to interrupt any of your other plans and, in many cases, will improve your business in surprising ways. If you are looking for ways to make your restaurant more sustainable and environmentally conscious, read this brief guide.

9 Science-backed Benefits of CBD


Guest post by Frederick Grimes Most of us think of the active ingredient in cannabis as THC. However, there is another cannabinoid that has been getting some attention lately. This is cannabidiol (CBD). Many of today's doctors and alternative health practitioners are promoting cbd leaf wraps for its effective treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. In this article, we’re going to explore why.

Want Your Body Contouring Sessions to Be Successful? Try These Tips


Guest post by Daniel Mack Today, cosmetic procedures have increased in popularity, with many people seeking ways to make their bodies appear more appealing. Body contouring is one of the most popular treatments, with many people undergoing procedures like mommy makeover, tummy tuck, liposuction and non-surgical procedures like radiofrequency body contouring, injections, monopolar radiofrequency, and others. Mainly, body contouring is applied when a person loses significant weight, leaving fat pockets on their skin. The procedures help eliminate these pockets and excess skin for a better appearance.

Why Edibles Make a Go-To Wellness Aid for Millennials


Guest post by Olivia Clark Millennials are perhaps the most conscious consumer group because they settle for nothing but the best. Since they are discerning, digging deep and weighing the pros and cons of products before buying them is a habit and a way of life for them. This approach applies to everything they buy, from food to clothing and more. They even choose their wellness aids wisely, ensuring that the benefits outweigh the possible side effects. Not surprisingly, the younger generations are more inclined toward holistic healing instead of conventional medications, as they want to skip the side effects.

Prepare for Changing Seasonal Mood Shifts with These Tips


Guest post by Grace Cruz While there is still some time left for autumn to arrive, the colder months aren’t too far away! As we enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine and warmth, there are many factors to take into consideration for winter. Since the days become shorter and nights longer, many people in Canada and other cold winter climates experience winter blues or seasonal depression (SAD). This can result in feeling low all the time, having no energy for social interactions, low motivation, and weight fluctuations. This blog post will introduce you to 5 ingenious methods for tackling seasonal depression to help you get your health in check before winter arrives

5 steps to a productive food garden this fall


While many people only grow food gardens during the spring and summer months, there’s no reason that your gardening season has to end now, unless you are in a part of the world where the weather turns bitterly cold in the fall, and you have no season extending tools (or options for indoor growing). As the hot summer months give way to cooler temperatures, you can begin planting new varieties of food crops, or continue successive planting of summer-to-fall vegetables and herbs.

Keeping Cities Cool: A Sustainable Cooling Handbook


Guest post by Rebecca G Global warming is fast becoming the greatest threat to the future of humanity. The threat arises from climatic change and human activities such as urbanization, which accounts for between 71 and 76 percent of final energy consumption around the world, according to the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat). Since cities and urban locations play such a significant role in generating heat and carbon emissions, there is an urgent need to make them more sustainable through different measures provided by organizations such as the United Nations.

The 2022 guide to EV charging times


Guest post by Emma Rix Electric cars are easy to drive, look great, are becoming cheaper to purchase, and better for the environment than gasoline or diesel engine vehicles. If you’ve considered investing in one or are wondering whether to install EV charging stations at your business, you probably want to know how long it takes to fully charge an electric car.

Why your lawn care should include micro clover


In much of the Northern Hemisphere, August is one of the hottest months of the year. As a result, many lawns are parched, with patches of brown and an overgrowth of hardy weeds scarring the landscape. Keeping a lawn green year-round is especially challenging this time of year; even more so if your area has seen a relentless onslaught of summer heat or drought conditions, or your city or municipality has placed restrictions on your use of water.

Why Organic Food Companies Should Use ERP Systems


Guest post by Lora Young An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is an essential business software that gathers data from different departments in one database to enable leaders to track the company's pulse using a single reality vision. These systems unify vital business functions, including manufacturing, finance, customer communication, order and inventory management, sales and marketing, human resources, and project management.