Skeptical Science New Research for Week #45, 2019

Skeptical Science - A telegenic thumb on the scales of perception Kristin Timm reports on presentation habits of television weather forecasters, in AMS journal Weather, Climate and Society. "Conformal comportment" might be the label on the bucket of behaviors described in Timm's paper, but styles change with time— hopefully. Abstract: The journalistic norm of balance bas been described as the practice of giving equal weight to different sides of a story; false balance is balanced … [Read more...]

Combating Child Labor on India’s Tobacco Farms

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In tobacco growing, child labor and other labor abuses are recurring problems characteristic to many agricultural communities. Underlying issues may be found in perpetuating cultural traditions, however a key root cause lies in the precarious economic situation of many smallholder farmers around the world. Philip Morris International (PMI) is committed to eliminating child labor from its tobacco supply chain; and importantly, to acting upon the root causes of … [Read more...]

Meet the Startup Aiming to Turn Skyscrapers Into Clean Energy Batteries

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - The falling cost of ever-maturing clean energy systems is well documented. Data shows that the costs for renewable energy technologies fell to a record low in 2018; and by next year, both solar PV and onshore wind farms will be cheaper to develop than the lowest cost fossil fuel-based alternative. And these cost reductions are likely to continue into the next decade. Of course, energy storage technologies will need to keep pace with the explosion of generating … [Read more...]

Quantifying Sustainability Impacts and Setting Meaningful Goals

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In the midst of an increasing trend toward setting and meeting aggressive sustainability targets, organizations are scrambling to navigate the complex challenge of quantifying their impacts, and meeting customer and investor demands. No longer is sustainability synonymous with reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Dozens of social, environmental and economic indicators are now considered staples under the massive sustainability umbrella, ranging from issues … [Read more...]

Top 10 most viewed rebuttals in September and October 2019

Skeptical Science - We recently posted about the Top 5 most viewed rebuttals during the month of October on social media and were surprised that the Facebook post garnered quite some reactions and managed to reach many people. So, here is a more detailed blog post also looking at September data which - most likely due to the "Greta effect" saw some interesting spikes and activities. Let's start with the ten most popular Skeptical Science rebuttals during October 2019: Note: this is based on … [Read more...]

Providing ‘Overdraft’ Protection for Groundwater in California's Pajaro Valley

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - At Driscoll’s, we’ve long advocated for responsible and collaborative solutions to groundwater management, and seek to grow in harmony with our communities. Water is a shared resource, and we all must work together at the local level to ensure it’s being managed well to keep our communities, businesses and ecosystems healthy for generations. That’s why, over the past few years, we’ve been working with UC Santa Cruz, the Resource Conservation District of Santa … [Read more...]

The Biosphere’s Guide to Fool-Proofing Sustainability, Part 4: Power Autonomy

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - This is the fourth in a seven-part series on what author Gregory Unruh calls the ‘Biosphere Rules.’ Read parts one, two and three. Power Autonomy Biosphere Rule #3: Maximize the power autonomy of products and processes, so they can function on renewable energy. Biosphere Rule #3 — Power Autonomy — is about optimizing the energy independence of products and systems so that they can run on available free flows of renewable energy. Power autonomy is gained by … [Read more...]

Scandinavia, Australia Dominate 2019 Global Destination Sustainability Index

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - The Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index) is the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for business tourism and events destinations around the world. It serves as a collaborative and competitive platform for Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) that promotes the sustainable growth of destinations, regions and countries through knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, strategy development and certification. Increasingly, … [Read more...]

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #44, 2019

Skeptical Science - Burning Paris As the final net of this fishing trip bulging with new research results came inboard over the gunnels of the Skeptical Science research trawler, the Trump administration triggered the clock on the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. In a year, the largest economy on the planet will not be cooperating or pulling its weight on repairing our originally accidental but now arguably willful destructive rampage through Earth's various surface systems. … [Read more...]

CSLDF: Here’s How Science Has Suffered During the First 1,000 Days of Trump

Skeptical Science - This is a repost of the October 17th entry in the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund blog, by CSLDF Executive Director Lauren Kurtz. Editor's note: Skeptical Science always tries to discern and respect the sometimes hazy border separating scientific research and its findings from public policy and hence politics. Here we have a situation that springs directly from the political world to negatively affect some of the core operations and functions of scientific inquiry. … [Read more...]

Trending: Partnerships Laying More Groundwork for Circular Plastics Economy

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Leading US Beverage Companies Unite for ‘Every Bottle Back’ Initiative   Image credit: Brian Yurasits/Unsplash This week, the US’ leading beverage companies — The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper and PepsiCo — launched the Every Bottle Back initiative, a breakthrough effort to reduce the industry’s use of new plastic by making significant investments to improve the collection of the industry’s valuable plastic bottles so they can be made into new … [Read more...]

Ynyslas, western Wales – a place made by climate change

Skeptical Science - Ynyslas, on the Cardigan Bay coast of Wales, is a place well-known for its extensive, shingle spit-fronted sand-dunes, its hinterland of estuarine saltmarsh-flats and, seaward, its golden sandy beach, complete with a several thousand year-old submerged forest. The place gets some 250,000 visitors a year. Taking all of those factors into account, and that Ynyslas is also a direct product of actual climatic changes that occurred in the geologically-recent past, its tale was … [Read more...]

New Report Calls on Food Giants to Use Vanishing Water Resources More Efficiently

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Major food companies need to adopt far stronger practices to reduce their demands and impacts on limited water resources, according to a report released Wednesday by sustainability nonprofit Ceres. The intensifying effects of climate change are placing an unprecedented strain on water resources and agricultural productivity, hampering the growth prospects of the $5 trillion global food sector. The latest edition of Feeding Ourselves Thirsty, a benchmarking … [Read more...]

Can Being Climate Neutral Become the New Normal?

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Hana Kajimura, Sustainability Manager at Allbirds Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design and Founding Director of Climate Neutral Sarah Leugers, Director of Communications for Gold Standard Peter Dering, CEO of Peak Design, recently launched Climate Neutral — an NGO that helps companies to measure, reduce and take accountability for their carbon footprint and tell that story to their stakeholders. Allbirds, makers of “the world’s most comfortable shoes,” is … [Read more...]

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #43, 2019

Skeptical Science - 62 articles, 11 open access [Late breaking] A few hours after "finishing" this edition of New Research, Nature Communications published a reassessment of SLR-driven coastal flooding hazards, New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding by Kulp & Strauss. The authors identify systematic problems with Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) DEM (digital elevation model) data and DEM products based on the SRTM data … [Read more...]

Chilean Startup Eliminating Packaging Waste, ‘Poverty Tax’ in Latin American Product Market

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - In recent weeks, the streets of Santiago have been awash with protestors expressing their anger over the cost of living in the city. The high levels of inequality in the Chilean capital and more broadly across the country have resulted in mass upheaval and unrest, leaving the ruling elites struggling to restore public order. Against this backdrop, it’s perhaps not surprising to understand how successful one circular startup, Algramo, has become since its launch … [Read more...]

Fool-Proofing Sustainability, Part 3: Value Cycling

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - This is the third in a seven-part series on what author Gregory Unruh calls the ‘Biosphere Rules.’ Read parts one and two. In the previous installment, we discussed Biosphere Rule #1 — Materials Parsimony, which is about limiting the types of materials used in your products. Once you have your pallet of carefully selected parsimonious materials, your next task is to cycle those materials through repeated, high-value uses, which is the focus of Biosphere Rule # … [Read more...]

Trending: Building Regenerative Fashion Supply Chains, from the Ground Up

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - Timberland partnership aims to build leather supply chain from regenerative ranches Image credit: Other Half Processing Today, global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland launched a partnership to build a responsible leather supply chain sourced from ranches that employ regenerative practices. The company’s new partner, Other Half Processing SBC (OHP), partners with farmers, ranchers and tribes to source hides and other identity-preserved, … [Read more...]

60 Years of Satellite Earth Radiation Budget Observations

Skeptical Science - 60 years ago this month the first direct observation "Earth Radiation Budget" experiment (ERB) was successfully lofted into orbit on Explorer VII, after a string of disappointing launch failures. This deployment was only the start of an increasingly sophisticated series of experiments intended to quantify and eventually monitor the ERB. In light of subsequent development it's an event worth commemorating. "The primary purpose of the experiment is to measure the solar, … [Read more...]

A Solo Female Travel Guide to Thailand

STA Travel Blog - It’s no guessing why Thailand is one of the most traveler-friendly countries – the tourism infrastructure is easy to navigate, it has cheap (but insanely... The post A Solo Female Travel Guide to Thailand appeared first on STA Travel Blog. (c) STA Travel Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

How Forward-Thinking Brands Are Investing in Forests

Sustainable Brands - Latest News - It’s become clear that we need to make a change for the health of our planet — and fast. While reshaping government policy is a necessary component of this transformation, its timeline is long. It can take years for ideas to translate into policy, for policy to take effect, and for real change to occur as a result. When it comes to policy around climate change, we simply don’t have the luxury of time.  As we petition and protest and support our … [Read more...]

Talking about climate science at SAP TechEd in Barcelona

Skeptical Science - I work in the IT-department of a German manufacturing company where I help maintain the company's installation of the SAP business software. SAP is a global IT-company headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. Each fall, SAP organizes a large technical conference - the TechEd - in Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore. These events are comparable to scientific conferences, offering keynote speeches, lectures, hands-on sessions and vendor exhibitions all happening at the same time in … [Read more...]

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #42, 2019

Skeptical Science - 54 articles, 18 open access When positives are a negative Nature Climate Change highlights Susan Natali's Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region, observing: Warming in the Arctic is causing soils to decompose more rapidly, even during winter. Now, estimates of winter carbon dioxide loss indicate that it can offset carbon gains during the growing season, meaning that the region is a source of carbon. We need another positive feedback like … [Read more...]