How Does Renewable Energy Meet Our Future Energy Needs?

The question of how we are going to meet our future energy needs is something that all energy suppliers have been thinking about for years. There are five main sources of renewable energy that are being tapped to create the electricity we need for crops like corn and soybeans. The main question here is: Can we get rid of our long-term dependence on fossil fuels and switch totally over to renewable energy sources? Most importantly, can this shift meet our future energy needs? Let's look at how each of the renewable energy sources to find out.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most useable and abundant of the renewable energy sources that never runs out. As long as this planet is alive with a beaming sun, then we will always have solar energy. However, we still have to ask this one question: How viable is solar power as a future energy source when the sun's core will burn out one day, thus rendering it useless? Well, put it this way, the sun's core will not be burning out any time within the next 1,000 or even 10,000 years! It will take more like a few million years before the sun even gets close to extinction and turns into a supernova.

Wind Power

Given the fact that wind drives our weather patterns and that it is so prevalent, there really is no question as to how viable wind power is as a future energy provider. As it is, wind power already provides a great deal of the fuel that powers many electric plants. This is why we have been seeing wind turbines popping up all over the place in the past few decades. What do you think the wind mills in Holland and the Netherlands are there for? These wind mills aren't only for decoration; they are actually part of the plan to harness the power of the wind to meet the future energy needs of that area of Europe.

Water/Hydroelectric Power

Using the power of water and waterfalls in creating hydroelectric power is one of the future energy sources that no one can really say is not that effective. When you stop and think about the pure, sheer power of running water and the currents that water generates; it is any surprise that this renewable energy source is also one of the most dependable sources for our future energy needs? The only thing that could change this would be serious droughts or if all the water water evaporated and bodies of water disappeared.


Biofuels are another great renewable energy source that can easily meet our future energy needs. This is due to the fact that biofuels are made from corn, soybeans/soybean oil and vegetable oil. How's that for renewable energy folks?

Now, the bigger question to ask is how soon these future energy sources will reach dominance. If we hope to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, these resources had better become the norm very soon. The future of energy is utterly dependent on the collective will of all of us. Will we decide to turn away from the polluting fuels of the past and to start embracing low-carbon technologies as the norm? Or will we continue to behave as though the only energy source that exists is the poluting and finite use of hydrocarbon. Only time will tell. The future, of course, is something not easy to predict. The good news is, there are so many options and the sooner we begin implimenting them, the better we will all be.